In-School: Life Skills Programme

For the children still at school (16-18), Life School will agree tailor-made programmes with schools based on the above topics, where we come in to the school to provide a combination of short classes, Extra Curricular Days and Holiday Boot Camps.

An essential feature of Life School is the importance of working with young people to ensure we fulfil their own particular needs. Ideally we will run Focus Groups with the students to tailor an experience that best suits them.

Evaluation is also a key part of our work; we measure outcomes with pre- and post-experience questionnaires. These evaluations would target our key messages of behavioural change, feelings and reactions. Monitoring and reporting would be available to the school and form part of our own larger research objective.



The Life Skills programme consists of a 2 hour introductory session to establish rapport, set expectations and complete the “before” element of the research initiative. The introduction will outline the programme and how its sources are from Neuro-science and Psychology, but delivered in a practical and non-academic format.

The programme itself is four full days of workshop and interactive theatre on the following four topics:

In order to ensure participation, the maximum number of children in a workshop should be thirty. We would require a room where the children could sit in a semi-circle without desks and where there was enough space out at the front to perform the play. There will be handouts for each workshop the cost of which we would be grateful if the school could cover. At the end of the final workshop, the “after” element of the research will be carried out.