Life School: The Team

Life School is a group of inspirational Life Coaches who have enormous and varied experience in teaching, training and therapy of this age group.



Mark Newey

As well as running a Neuro-linguistic Psychotherapy Practice, Mark is a visionary and the catalyst behind Life School. He has also written a book on Authenticity and is currently writing one on Stress. He is a Trustee of and works with Signpost, a charity that works with the unemployed. One of Mark’s drivers behind Life School is to help young people avoid the psychological pitfalls that his adult clients fall into and to help create an enlightened leadership for the next generation.


Hilary Austin

Hilary works in private practice as a Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Psychotherapist, specialising in stress, anxiety and depression. She also regularly gives talks about the benefits of hypnotherapy to business and networking groups. Her background covers a 20 year career in Human Resources and Training within a multinational organisation where she ran development programmes aimed at recruiting school leavers into the workplace.


Judy Bell

Enthusiastic, professional, highly persuasive and motivated individual with long career in IT Who is now an Employment Adviser at Signpost, Basildon Branch with proven track record of excellent CV writing, Interview, IAG and Life Coaching skills. Her role at Signpost is very varied. On a daily basis she runs the centre, attending and supporting members in every way possible who are unemployed to get them back on track. She deals with people from all walks of life. A Silva Graduate who is totally committed to self development and supporting others to do the same.


Sarah Ellis BA PGCE

After graduating Sarah worked in mainstream education before starting HyperFusion Theatre Company; An Award winning theatre company specialising in empowering young people through live interactive theatre experiences and Sarah has worked with nearly 14,000 young people over the last ten years with her unique and innovative approach exploring issues that affect young people and consequently behavioural change. Working in primary, junior and senior schools, special needs schools, PRU’s, refuges, community groups and organisations working specifically with disengaged young people and long term unemployed, her mission is to educate, empower, challenge and stimulate discussion on important issues for young people, leaving them invigorated and empowered, ready to face any challenges with vigour and confidence.


Andree Funnell

self employed Learning and Development and HR Consultant. Andree Funnell is passionate about helping others develop and grow to their full potential. With 25 years experience in HR and Training/Development having worked at all levels across a diverse range of organisations. She believes that people learn through experiential learning and her courses are highly interactive, fun and thought provoking. She’s a qualified Trainer and NLP Practitioner. For 4 years she’s lectured in Management Studies Diploma. For the past 2 years Andrees been working with local schools both as a Young Enterprise Mentor and assisting with Interview Skills training for years 10 and 11. Emotional Intelligence and behavioural change are her favourite topics and she believes that it is important for young people to understand themselves and the impact they have on others.



Independent Art Advisor and KS2-3 Consultant. | Naila Din has an extensive background in the creative industries. As a qualified secondary teacher, she has successfully been the Director of Arts at the Manor College (North Cambridge Academy) for over a decade. Combining art exhibition and annual events, including feeder primaries and the Cambridge Regional College. In her thirst for knowledge she completed her Masters in Digital Media (Passing with a Distinction) and also Neuro-lingustic Programming (NLP); where she devised well-being activities for her form tutees and held assemblies for the 14-16. Backed by CAS (Cambridge Advisory Service), she has launched her own independent company, eDiN, which focuses on developing the tools, expertise and knowledge of teachers with art skills and integrating 21st century technologies (such as the Ipad), into the art classroom.


Katharine Ellis

Katharine has been working as a qualified life coach for the past 5 years, and is just completing a Medical Coaching course. She has worked with Hills Road and CRC on enrichment classes with a ‘de-stress and relax’ theme, supporting students in managing stress levels and maintaining a positive mindset. She also works with the Keystone Development Trust on their ‘No NEET School Leaver’ project;. Forging links between schools and business/industry; inspiring students to increase their career prospects..


Dr Steven Aronson

Steven has a degree in Psychology and Philosophy, an Honours degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. He is a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic and has experience in crisis counselling both face to face and over the telephone. He has taught counselling skills to other health professionals. Other areas of interest include HIV/Aids awareness, sexual orientation and gender related issues, racial equality, identifying and dealing with stress, anxiety and depression. He is also Head Teacher for the Progressive Jewish Organisation at King’s School in Cambridge


Ria Said

Ria holds a Law degree (LLB), Initial Post Professional Award in Counselling and a qualification in adult education (P.T.L.L.S.). She was the Sunday School Superintendent for the Elim Pentcostal Church teaching children from 18 months to 10 years. She taught teenagers in a Baptist and a C of E Church. Ria works at Signpost, a charity working with the unemployed, where she works in admin, teaches use of the internet and helps write CV’s. She also worked in Tower Hamlets Law Centre as a Case Worker in Education Law, speaking to Head Teachers and staff about a variety of educational issues, including special education needs.

Sallyha Din PJEA

Independent Business woman and mentor. Sallyha Din has an extensive background in entertainment, events organisation and business. Having graduated from the renowned Peter Jones enterprise Sallyha ventured further to create her own business, ‘Define Art’. Over this short period of time Sallyha has been scouted by organisations to host government backed projects on entertainment and community based therapy, through her business Define Art. Her Business has gained acknowledgement from celebrities such as Beverly Knight, Kimberley wyatt and others causing her to bound forward. Her eye for success is also mirrored in her desire to mentor and push others to fulfil their potentials and to be the best that they can be. Sallyha not only mentors individuals, but also helps to enhance people’s business and growth potential, creating guidance plans.


Jan Flitcroft

Life/Work experience – 19 years as a Retail Manager and Training Co-ordinator with Marks and Spencer PLC. NACRO – 5yrs as a Volunteer Organiser working with vulnerable adults on an education project in Basildon,(including prison visiting at Bullwood Hall – group work with young female offenders.) Supporter of Sexual Abuse Course for young females, Fountain Project run by Basildon Social Services. Single mother of 2 young people.