Since the dawn of the formal education system hundreds of years ago, school has focussed almost solely on academic knowledge, leaving an essential gap in the curriculum. We spend years teaching our kids Maths, Science, French, Geography…but this centuries old approach has left teachers little time to teach children about life! Indeed, this has traditionally been seen as the role of the parents, who today, if we are honest, are struggling themselves! Many teachers recognise these issues but are largely restricted to their academic focus and therefore left frustrated.

In today’s world a more holistic education is essential; our kids need to be empowered to analyse their world to understand how we think, how we create our reality, how we motivate ourselves, how to surround ourselves with healthy relationships, how to feel good about ourselves and how to take care of our mental and physical wellbeing. There simply isn’t room for this essential knowledge as part of the current mainstream curriculum.

Yet never has there been a greater need for understanding how our mind works and how we as individuals are so much more powerful than we think we are. Young people with Self Esteem and a Purpose in life will change the world! This knowledge is easily and quickly taught and it can totally change the trajectory of a child’s life into adulthood.